Canton, Ma

From framing to finish the new trend black and white came up pretty good!


Beacon Hill, Ma

This bathroom looks amazing even though was small  we made it work with and stand up shower and floating vanity with quartz counter top!

Newton centre, Ma

Two shower head means two sink, same bathroom with two shower head, no waiting, no sharing the same sink, peace of mind and turn out to be a beautiful bathroom, by the way is also a two toilet bathroom..!

Concord, Ma

If you want to protect your deck against the water, waterproofing can make your deck last a lot longer then you expected, and still look good!

Dorchester, Ma

Maybe your condo just needs a little bit of love and paint and a new set of handrail! 

Auburndale, Ma

If your city has strict rules or is a historical city like this example we can take care of that like we did it! custom made cedar railing, every post, baluster and part of the handrail was made by hand to comply with rules of the city.

Cambridge, Ma

low maintenance, low price, and safe for kids to have fun, synthetic grass it a good option for a really fast result in 2 hours this was installed and before lunch was ready for some good time!

Newton centre, Ma

This bathroom was a challenge, master bedroom with a 20 in sink was a No no, we extend the wall to fit in a bigger vanity and add more space to the bathroom.

Beacon Hill, Ma

office and any work space does not have to be boring or a burden every day and paint can make a lot of difference like in this office with a lot of natural light!

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Beacon Hill, Ma

Kitchen done with  open space concept  in high demand, this concept brings more space to your kitchen and living room by removing a wall and gives the illusion that the room is bigger 

Newton centre, Ma

Why wait or share the same shower head when you can have two shower in one with niche so you don’t have any plastic or thing hanging on your wall and in your way.

Tyngsborough, Ma

What a challenge was this deck! client bought a $10,000 dollars jacuzzi and  he wanted a deck around with only one issue, he needed access to the side panel the you can see in the picture, we came up with a deck that you’re able to move when necessary… you’ll see in the picture below.

Newton centre, Ma

A closet or pantry that you don’t use or is not the best location in the house. This client had a kitchen redone with us and no longer needed a pantry, we converted the pantry into a half bathroom that was closer to the kitchen and made a big difference for her.


Newton centre, Ma

Maybe you’re tired of the handrail color or style, in this house we painted the handrail and we brought  a new life to the handrail without the noise and dust of construction. but if you want a new handrail we have a ton of design and option to choose from.


We had a conversation and a project in mind where the floor would be able to remove for maintenance along with step to get in the jacuzzi. client loved the idea and we proceed to deliver the end result that you see in the picture.

Roslindale, Ma

Small bathroom, not a lot of space, don’t worry there is always a solution for that. a pocket Door is always a good option to start with Since you will no longer need or better saying loose the space that you needed to clear for the door to swing open. 

tyngborough, Ma

This deck had a 14 in drop from deck to the paving, we added a one step stair for safety and looking.


Dorchester, Ma

This deck was Green client thought needed to be replaced and after further investigation the frame was good and solid, we offered a power wash and this is the result. always keep maintenance up to date so wood  don’t go bad before its time